How Do I fix My AC?

How Do I fix My AC?

How Do I fix My AC Rightemp Home Services

What we hear when a client call us with an AC problem is ” we need Freon, how much to come top it off for me” ? (well get back to that at the end of the Blog.)

It is never recommended for you to fix your own AC, let the pros handle that.

Here are some steps you can take to self Diagnose your AC, before calling out a professional.

Turn on the Thermostat and make sure you feel air coming out of the vents. (temperature doesn’t matter at this point)

Check that you have changed your filter, and that it is not full of dust, and air is able to pass through it.

Go outside and see if your AC is running, fan spinning and compressor is on. if not check your breaker.

After you do all this, its best to call the professionals to come and look at what the issue is.

You need to have an EPA license to work with refrigerant, and that AC unit is using 220 volts to run. Although Google give you a lot of information, it is still could be dangerous to attempt a repair.

It would be like breaking your arm, going on google to see how to fix it, and DIY. never the best option..

People generally overlook the training, time in the HVAC and schooling it takes to become a good Technician.

There are ways to save money, but look in to getting on a Maintenance plan with a Rightemp Home Services, you get a 10% discount, and reliable service,

Back to the Freon request.

In 2010, R-22 was banned because of the chlorine in the refrigerant that causes problems with the environment. In 2020, the production of R-22 was stopped, which increased the cost per pound. So clients are paying 5X what it use to cost.

If a system is low on refrigerant, that means there is a leak, and you are just using the Freon, until it leaks out. Throwing money away….

Best option if refrigerant is needed, is to get a leak test and fix the leak, and if its R-22 in your system, you might want to think about replacing that out dated system.

Contact Rightemp Home Services to help you! We also offer a VIP Maintenance plan for a low yearly cost, check it out!

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