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HVAC Installation in Temecula

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Comfort is a top priority when building a new home or remodeling an old one. You may ask yourself if a layout will work for your family or if this color matches your aesthetic. Though these are important questions, how you will heat and cool your home can bring considerable comfort to your space. Rightemp Home Services has served our community for 40 years with trusted HVAC installation in Temecula. Our team is licensed and insured to provide thorough and quality service. We have helped thousands of homes just like yours achieve comfort.

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HVAC Rough-in During Construction

Your HVAC should be the first primary system roughed in during new construction. It is much easier to work plumbing or electrical around the extensive ductwork than moving HVAC around the smaller components. New construction ductwork is vulnerable to contamination with small gaps or holes that can let in dust or other particles during building. The ductwork should have access panels throughout the system to prevent contamination while providing necessary service entry points. Once the new home is complete, our licensed team will perform the start-up of your HVAC system to troubleshoot any immediate problems and answer any questions you may have.

Rightemp Home Services is the team you should trust for HVAC installation in Temecula. Our multi-generational family-owned business is dedicated to providing comfort to our community and has provided that for thousands of homes just like yours.

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What Is My HVAC System?

Your HVAC system has many parts inside and outside of your home. They may vary slightly based on your specific system, but the basics are the same.

Your system includes:

  • Furnace: This heats your home and can create warmth in various ways, depending on your system.
  • Air Conditioner: AC systems typically remove hot air from your home and push cool air in. The AC and furnace act as the heart of your HVAC system.
  • Ducts: These tubes or channels move heated or cooled air throughout the different rooms in your home. Ducts are the lungs of your system; by adding filters or a sanitation system, your home can breathe cleaner air.
  • Thermostat: As the brain of your home, you interact with your thermostat the most to tell your units to heat or cool your space. Modern smart thermostats can be programmed and controlled using your phone to increase efficiency and save you money.
  • Air Return: This is where the air is drawn through a vent into the ducts and to your units. This removes the hot air while you use your AC.
  • Filter: Your ducts typically have one filter at both ends to keep debris and dust from entering your system. These filters should be replaced every few months. However, you can add more filters to purify your air and improve indoor air quality.
  • Exhaust: Your units produce heat as they work. The exhaust releases this heat through a vent to prevent overheating.

These components work together to provide ideal comfort in your space. Our team can use the many parts of your HVAC system to help you stay comfortable all year—Trust Rightemp Home Services for HVAC installation in Temecula and the Inland Empire.

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