Why Is the Cheapest Never the Best Option

Why Is the Cheapest Never the Best Option

Why Is the Cheapest Never the Best Option Rightemp Home Services

Why is the cheapest option never the best option? Let’s look at it this way, you are about to invest in a major construction project in your home, where you and your family spend most of your time. You spend many hours getting several estimates and notice the estimates are not even close in price. This makes the decision even harder for you to make. You do the math, and nothing is adding up.

Making the Best Choice

Where do you go from here; Do you want cheap Charlie to come in and cut every corner to save you money upfront? Are you looking for a long-term solution to your home comfort? All the Equipment needed for your home is basically the same cost, give or take a few percentages. What is it that makes the cost so different?

  1. Quality of company (insured and bonded and licensed)
  2. Do they have employees?
  3. Do they hire quality staff, or just bodies to fill spots (cheap labor)
  4. What are the guarantees and warranties?
  5. Do they have trucks and uniforms?
  6. Do they offer to finance or is it cash only?
  7. What is their quality control standard?
  8. Do they seal the air delivery system to reduce leaks and maintain efficiency?
  9. Overhead, are you paying for a healthy company to conduct business and be there if your system breaks down and live up to the guarantees, or just paying for the owner and his helper to make 1000 for the day?
  10. Are they following all CA title 24, city, and county regulations?

The $3,500.00 price is no longer around, a standard refrigerator cost $3,500.00, and takes the install crew 5 minutes to plug it in and hook up the water for the ice maker, and voila! You have a new fridge. A comfort system takes 8+ houses to install and requires removing the old equipment, new high voltage, flushing refrigerant lines, sealing ducts and the latest equipment, vacuuming the lines, and properly charging.

Building a Partnership with Your HVAC Company

When you invest in the right company that prices the job correctly and isn’t the cheapest, you build a partnership with your HVAC company, which will be there when you need them most….When your investment needs to be serviced or a breakdown occurs. The two guys out corner cutting crew will not be around during those times, or ever again. Even if it’s a family member, he probably did your installation on the weekend since he has a full-time job elsewhere.

Most breakdowns of an HVAC comfort system come from improper installation and poor service procedures. Improper installation of central air conditioners can result in leaky ducts and low airflow. This will eliminate your energy savings, reduce your comfort and lessen the life of your comfort system. Many times, the amount of refrigerant doesn’t match the manufacturer’s specifications, and if the system isn’t properly charged at installation, the performance and efficiency of the unit are impaired. This will cost you money in the long run. The installation is the most important part of the life of your system, having the right company install it is worth more than you can even imagine.

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